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A Month Ago, My 4-Month-Old Baby Girl Couldn't Bear To Sit Still On Her Playmat. Today, She’s Happy And Could Spend Long Hours On It Without Getting Fussy, Or Upset!

Feb 15 2023 at 9:17 am EDT

You'll never put your baby on other mats again!

Get the Cushy Mat™ for better tummy time practice & improve motor skills.

Two months ago, my little princess, Annabelle, hated tummy time. She would scream and cry and attempt to roll herself over from tummy to back. The mat’s padding wasn’t thick enough and did the opposite of cushioning her movements; We struggled with cleaning and folding; and worst of all, the playmat material could be easily pierced or damaged. When we tried this new playmat, everything changed dramatically. My baby girl now enjoys tummy time. Her gross motor skills like pushing up, reaching out, rolling over, and crawling have improved– and she can’t wait to be placed on her playmat.

When our wobbly 4-month-old baby, Annabelle, began to try and lift herself to sit but kept face-planting which resulted in crying, we realized it was time to invest in a playmat. The thin rug/carpet pad over our hardwood floor wasn’t going to cut it anymore as all the tumbles she was taking were a bit rough. She would often lose her balance and fall several times during the day. We needed some cushion/softness so that when she fell, she wouldn’t get hurt.

We needed a playmat that was well priced, easy to clean, would match our decor, wouldn't fall apart easily, & soften the blow of my little one's falling compared to our rug.

When we got our first playmat, we thought everything would be better, but we were wrong 😓.

Felt Like A Sheet Of Cheap Styrofoam Wrapped In Thin Plastic

After we opened the package, the first thing that hit us was an awful plastic smell that wafted out of the playmat and filled our nostrils. I couldn’t tell if this was a sign that the mat was non-toxic but I got lightheaded within minutes of opening the package. I hadn’t finished assembling the playmat before I knew I couldn’t trust my baby with it.

This mat wasn’t soft. It was very firm, like cheap hard-pressed styrofoam wrapped in plastic. It didn’t seem like it could protect my little princess's head from bumps as it felt like it would separate and tear from frequent use.

Annabelle screamed and began to cry when we placed her on it. We just didn’t feel it was safe for use as we couldn’t stand the toxic plastic-y smell and feel.

One Happy Daughter = One Happy "Mum-mum"

After discussing my situation at my moms group, a fellow mom shared with me the incredibly soft and comfy playmat she uses to keep her little one safe during tummy and playtime. Without this information, I would still be with my lousy-smelling baby playmat. My little girl would still get fussy whenever she was placed on her playmat– and would keep hating tummy time.

I couldn’t believe how good this new playmat was just yet, so I decided to test it out for 2 weeks. My baby girl loved tummy time better. Her motor skills improved. Her eyes gleamed with happiness anytime it was playtime. I saw it. To see how much, I tested our other playmat for some days– to compare the difference. They didn’t compare. But what made this new playmat so much better? I found out.

A Must-Have For Your Little One’s Safety and Comfort

First, this amazing playmat (called Cushy Mat™) combines all the features you want for your baby - soft, cushy, safe, and made from 100% natural materials.

The Cushy Mat™ comes with a 100% cotton cover that is perfectly soft and gentle to my princess’s delicate skin and the interior is made using natural latex foam that’s sturdy enough to keep her safe during her babytime adventures.

Whether your baby wants to enjoy some tummy time, crawl around, roll, or explore the world around them, The Cushy Mat™ is just what they need. The soft touch combined with a sturdy base provides your little one with just the kind of cushioning that they need to sit, play, relax, and learn to walk.

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- The Baby Style Momma

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Specially Crafted With 1” Thick Natural Latex

Unlike my baby’s previous playmat, the Cushy Mat™ is made of natural latex– which is the closest thing to nature you can get for your baby. They're naturally toxin-free, phthalates-free, PVC-free, lead-free, and hypoallergenic– meaning no nasties! This makes the Cushy Mat™ soft but sturdy enough to give your baby just the right amount of cushion needed during tummy time.

Cushioning and a firm base is super important because babies tend to bump their head or face during tummy time especially when growing so fast. With The Cushy Mat™ moms are saying they don’t have to worry about this. The surface is so squishy, soft, and comfy that it keeps babies comfortable and safe at all times.

Comes With Easy-To-Clean Cotton & Bamboo Terry Waterproof Covers To Ensure Long Lasting Quality

Unlike most playmats that come with just one print, the Cushy Mat™ cotton covers are mess-friendly, removable, and easy to clean. The interchangeable covers allow you to have a wide range of adorable prints, colors and shapes that your little one will find intriguing.

As a mom, you know that baby time means spills, spit-ups, and a whole lot of mess. So, when you have removable mat covers, it makes your life a tad bit easier as you spend less time frustrated by how to clean your playmat– and more time focusing on improving your little one’s motor skills.

Carefully Made From Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Materials

The Cushy Mat™ is completely sustainable because its latex is derived from rubber trees' bark and does not involve damaging or cutting down trees.

The Cushy Mat™ is OEKO-TEX Certified & ECO-Certified and follows strict production guidelines directed by process engineers and experts, who guarantee a homogeneous, fully vulcanized, and dried product. This confirms the nonexistence of harmful emissions from the product.

What’s best, this mat is perfect for my husband and me to just chill on after a long day with Anna. We use it to lie down and watch Netflix on it!


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Experience the peice of mind knowing your baby is safe and happy during playtime... on sale now for a limited time only.



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