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This revolutionary playmat has already become a must-have product for thousands of American moms

Feb 02 2023 at 9:17 am EDT

You'll never put your baby on other mats again!

Get the Cushy Mat™ for better tummy time practice & improve motor skills.

Stephanie, a new mom of an adorable 2-month-old baby girl said, “I tried a few different baby mats for my munchkin but none of them seemed to make her happy. Either the plastic was too hard against her skin or the texture and cushioning were just not enough to keep her safe. This is when another mom friend recommended Bub Mats and tummy time has been a breeze since then! My baby girl loves spending time on The Cushy Mat™, whether it is for tummy time, playtime, or even napping. The natural latex ensures enough cushion to keep her safe and is so soft and cushy that she absolutely loves it!”

While there are many playmats in the market that you can choose from, not many strike the combination of being super soft, natural and safe.

But Bub Mats has managed to deliver a playmat that perfectly combines all the features you need in a product for your baby - soft, cushy, safe, and completely natural.

The Cushy Mat comes with 100% cotton covers that are perfectly soft and gentle to the baby's soft and sensitive skin and the interior is made using natural latex foam that is firm enough to keep your baby safe during their adventures.

Whether your baby wants to enjoy some tummy time, crawl around, roll, or explore the world around, The Cushy Mat is just what they need. The softest touch combined with a firm base provides them just the kind of cushioning that they need.

What did these customers have to say about the Cushy Mat™?


This playmat surpassed my wildest expectations!

"Not only does it feel like a bed - it does everything you said it would ! My baby's tummy time practice has improved exponentially !! I will never put her on any other playmat. Now I need to buy a couple more mat covers so I can change them and also they look great in the house. Thank you - thank you - thank you for this wonderful product !!!!!" - Jolene P.


We don't hate tummy time anymore!

"I'm so glad I bought this playmat! I had the TPU plastic foam ones but I just didn't like the way it smell and feel. This mat is so soft and comfortable its perfect for what my baby girl needs right now, to help with tummy time and she isn't scare to fall over. I'll be buying more covers because all the designs are so cute!" - Ellie F.

New shipment in but selling fast!

The Cushy Mat™ Is The Most Comfortable, Softest, and Safest Solution For Your Baby

The Cushy Mat™ creates a safe haven for your baby to enjoy tummy time. These mats are made of natural latex so, basically, they are hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and mold, and mildew resistant. No nasties and just the good stuff! Natural latex is the closest thing to nature you can get for your baby and is eco-friendly and sustainable. It makes these play mats firm enough to give your baby just the right amount of cushion needed during tummy time.

Cushioning and a firm base is super important because babies tend to bump their head or face during tummy time. With The Cushy Mat™ moms are saying they don’t have to worry about this! The surface is so soft and cushy that keeps babies comfortable and safe at all times.

Made From Natural Latex Which Is The Best Material For Babies

All mothers want the best for their baby and that’s exactly the reason why The Cushy Mat has become such a hit with moms. They are the best playmats out there because it is completely natural, safe, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial as well as environment-friendly.

The brains behind Bub Mats are parents themselves who wanted to find the best and safest playmat for their munchkin. This quest to find the best product for their baby is what lead to the creation of The Cushy Mat.

They found that natural latex is the best and most natural alternative for sustainable play mats and mattresses. It is made using the sap collected from beneath the bark of rubber trees and is not treated with any chemicals or pesticides.

Natural latex makes Bub Mats hypoallergenic, toxin-free, phthalates-free, and PVC and lead-free. These are reasons enough for you to buy The Cushy Mat like today!

But, wait there's more! The Cushy Mat are extremely durable thanks to the natural latex used to make them and can hold their shape for years. Your baby can use the mat until they grow out of it or you can even pass it on to your next muchkin! Nothing like reusable baby products, right!

100% Sustainable Material Makes The Cushy Mat™ A Wise Choice

As parents, we all want to teach our kids about being kind to nature and want products that are eco-friendly and natural. The Cushy Mat is completely sustainable and eco-friendly because the latex comes from the bark of the rubber trees and the process does not involve cutting down or damaging the rubber tress in any form. In fact, the trees continue to produce sap for up to 30 years.

Comes With Interchangeable Covers = One Mat With Different Patterns/Designs

Life without any change can be boring and the same goes for babies. Why make them look at the same print/design every day when with Bub Mats you can make their playmats look brand new with a new cover every day.

Yes, The Cushy Mat cotton covers are removable and you can choose from different designs/patterns and prints. The interchangeable covers allow you to have different patterns and options unlike other playmats with just one print.

Moreover, as a mom, you know that babies mean spills, spit-ups, and a whole lot of mess! So, when you have mat covers that are removable, it means life becomes a tad bit easy.

These cotton covers are easy to clean and can be machine washed. You can also choose from our wide range of adorable prints, colors, and shapes that your little one will find intriguing and fascinating.

With extra Cushy Matcovers, you always have a clean cover on hand while the others are in the wash - because with little humans around, getting the laundry done is always a task!

The Cushy Mat™ Includes A Waterproof Covers Which Makes It Mess Free

A playmat that comes with a waterproof cover is a lifesaver for moms. Because spills, messes, spit-ups, and accidental pees are common with babies.

Bub Mats offer waterproof covers for their playmats that are super easy to clean, all you need to do is wipe it off!

With The Cushy Mat, every time your baby manages to spill water, spit-up, or has a diaper leak, you can simply wipe it off the cover! Easy-peasy, right? No more washing the whole playmat or no more covers piling on in the laundry!

With So Many Options, The Cushy Mat™ Will Look Great In Any Corner Of Your Room

With babies around, the house is always a mess but at least with Bub Mats, you can create a beautiful and lovely space in any corner of your room. Their adorable prints, colors, and designs can instantly brighten up any corner and not just your baby.

They are easily foldable and compact, so you can carry The Cushy Mat anywhere you want. You can use them outdoors or indoors or on any surface. Simply place it anywhere with some of your baby’s favorite toys on it and just like that create a space for your baby to explore the world.

Sound too good to be true?

Take a look at what some people have been saying about their Cushy Mat™


"Bought this for play area.This mat provides a lot of support to cushion any fall and the patterns are so beautiful. I'm happy with purchase 🤗 " - Maddy


"Came fast. Easy to clean and set up. Really helps with tummy time because my baby is not scare to fall over. Looks good too!" - Alexandra


"I got this for my 6 month old to learn to crawl on I don't have any carpet so it is softer than my wood floors. She loves the colors and my 2 year old loves it as well. I ordered the bundle which is great when I put a cover to wash with an extra cover." - Stephanie


"As a mom of 4 under 5, my girls love this mat! My 3 month old takes naps on it and has plenty of room to roll back and forth while still being comfy and safe. My 2 year old loves to practice her gymnastics and baby yoga on it or grab a book and lounge on it. It’s big enough to be so versatile but also easy enough to move from room to room, stow away, etc. We love our Bub Mat!" - Allie


"Love these latex mats. I have it in the toy room and it’s easy to remove the covers and wash them, the thickness is good!! I would recommend! Will order more, espcially the covers!" - Sharron


"We needed a cushioned, stain-proof mat for our 6 month old. The color cover choices are great, and the quality is amazing! Can't say enough good things about this product." - Angie


"This is the softest and comfiest mat we've tried. My little guy loves it and so do I. He’s now learning to sit on his own abs when he face plants and it’s fine!" - Jo


"Love them! Lightweight, sturdy and easy to clean...they come with extra cover!" - Kelly


"I'm so glad I found this mat! My baby girl loves it so much. I tried putting her on other playmats but she just cries but when I put her on this one she instantly stops crying. I think maybe because it's so soft and cushy? I'll be buying another one to make a bigger mat!" - Marie

Where Can You Buy Bub Mats?

The Cushy Mat is available exclusively on their website bubmats.com. You can place your order and get discounts on your first order. Also, subscribe to their newsletter to get alerts on discounts, sales, or other offers.

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This deal can be removed at any time, so act now to take advantage of this special offer.

Plus, if you aren’t totally happy with your Cushy Mat™, return them for a full refund. No questions asked!

The Cushy Mat™ have received a lot of publicity so we suggest taking advantage of their sale while supplies are still available.

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